Volkswagen Deploys Private 5G Network

As the need to remotely monitor and manage large numbers of connected assets increases, interest is booming in 5G, the latest cellular technology in the LTE (Long-Term Evolution) family of telecommunication standards. Unlike previous cellular and wireless networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee, 5G offers high data transfer rates, low latency, and the ability to connect to many devices. As a result, it is ideal for mission-critical industrial applications that require reliability, real-time communication, and large-scale coverage. Common use cases include the deployment of remote-controlled vehicles, real-time tracking of assets in large environments, and multimedia communication with workers in the field via wearable devices. While these benefits can be attained from public 5G, many in industry are opting to establish their own private 5G networks instead. One reason for this is that a dedicated 5G network tailored specifically to end users’ operational needs can provide better coverage and more reliable performance, since it does not require its bandwidth be shared with others. Another reason is that using private 5G enables companies to maintain internal control of their confidential data, thereby increasing cybersecurity protections. 

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