Weaving the EV’s Future With the Digital Thread

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In less than ten years from now, 30 percent of new vehicles will likely be electric, according to a 2021 report by Accenture. EV manufacturers must overcome a unique set of challenges to meet future customer expectations. Among them is the challenge to create innovative designs that meet safety requirements, performance criteria and keep costs down in the face of growing competition and a widening skills gap. Solutions to these challenges come by reimagining design, development, assembly, inspection, and the workforce that performs those tasks. By weaving their organization with the digital thread, EV manufacturers will bring their reimagined future to life. The digital thread is a communication framework that supports a connected data flow and accessible view of an asset’s data throughout its lifecycle. Essentially, the digital thread enables the communication and review of data forward and backward through enterprise processes, including supply chains. Integrating model-based definition (MBD), sometimes called digital product definition (DPD), into the digital thread provides EV engineers with a single source of truth from the beginning.

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