What Are Tennis Strings Made Of?

It may surprise you to know that there are several types of tennis strings, each made from different materials and manufacturing processes. Each string delivers a different level of performance in much the same way an engine affects a car’s performance. The first tennis strings were created in 1875 from sheep intestine. Its inventor, Pierre Babolat, initially created the strings for musical instruments. However, following the birth of tennis, the strings were repurposed for the tennis racket. In the 1950s, synthetic fibers were introduced to create a more cost-effective choice for tennis enthusiasts. Today, the most common types of tennis strings are natural gut, synthetic gut, multifilament, and polyester. Natural gut continues to be used in rackets almost 150 years after its introduction. Constructed from cow intestines, natural gut is the most expensive string and is the gold standard in terms of comfort and performance. Synthetic gut is made from a solid nylon core with one or more nylon wraps to enhance performance. While this string offers good all-around performance, it is less durable than natural gut. 

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