Why Structural Ceramics Are Gaining Traction in the Medical Industry

In most people’s minds, ceramics are first and foremost an art form. Yet these objects go beyond decorative vases and sculptures — they’re a booming industry. Ceramic is an essential material that is set to scale exponentially over the next year, particularly when it comes to being utilized in the medical field. Made of clay and other natural materials, ceramics possess many properties that have made them stand out to innovators in scientific and medical industries. Two of its most important assets are its wear resistance and biocompatibility, which we’ll delve into. Ceramic is already heralded as a fantastic material for several other reasons in various industries. The composition is immune to corrosion and erosion that other materials would crumble under. It’s a great insulator, too. Its resistance to heat prevents deterioration and its ability to diffuse high temperatures and hold a low thermal conductivity is incredibly useful as well. 

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