Winbond HyperRAM & SpiStack and Renesas RZ/A2M Accelerate the Construction of Embedded AI Systems

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Winbond Electronics Corporation, a global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, announced today the official confirmation that its HyperRAM and SpiStack (NOR+NAND) can be operated with Renesas’ RZ/A2M Arm-based microprocessors (MPUs). Customers of the RZ/A2M can benefit from Winbond’s long-term supply for various types of external memory, including DRAM, NOR Flash, and NAND Flash which are currently the mainstream of embedded systems. Renesas’ RZ/A2M is suitable for Human Machine Interface (HMI), especially HMI applications with cameras. It supports Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI), a camera interface that is widely used in mobile devices, and is equipped with a dynamically reconfigurable processor (DRP) for high-speed image processing. The RZ/A2M also features two Ethernet channels and it can enhance security functions with a cryptographic hardware accelerator. Thus, the RZ/A2M provides safe and secure high-speed network connection which can be used for image recognition in broad system applications, from consumer electronics to industrial equipment.

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