Winnebago’s All-electric Motorhome Travels 1,300 Miles

Winnebago Industries announced that its electric RV concept motorhome completed an all-electric trip that covered more than 1,300 miles. Winnebago declared the drive the e-RV’s longest continuous road trip as well as the first expedition over 1,000 miles by an all-electric RV. The company introduced what it calls the first all-electric zero-emission motorhome concept from a major RV manufacturer at the Florida RV Super Show in January. Prior to the voyage, the e-RV appeared at the RV Industry Association’s “RVs Move America Week.” The journey commenced in Washington, D.C., and made stops in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Canton, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana Dunes National Park, Chicago, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota, which is the location of Winnebago’s headquarters. Statistics from the trek include 1,380 miles driven, a drive time of 26 hours, an average speed of 53 miles per hour, one hour and two minutes for an average charge time at DC fast chargers, a charging cost of $275, average miles per kWh of 1.58, and 60% cost savings over a gas-powered road trip. 

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