World’s Fastest EV Charger Promises Full Battery in 15 Minutes

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Technology company ABB made an announcement stating it has created the quickest electric vehicle charger. ABB claims that in just under three minutes, its charger, the Terra 360, can provide a range of 62 miles. Leave the vehicle plugged in for 15 minutes, and it can be fully charged. New Atlas reports ABB’s Terra 360 possesses a maximum output of 360 kW. The charger resembles a gasoline pump and has four ports and 16-foot retractable cables that allow it to charge as many as four vehicles at the same time. Although, if four vehicles are charging simultaneously, the kW decreases to 90. The Terra 360 cannot be used on all electric vehicles though with some EVs not capable of handling the power output. But it can charge both passenger and commercial vehicles and supports major charging standards.

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