10 Ways to Introduce STEM to Your Kids This Summer

STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math — is an integral part of every classroom today and for good reason too: It’s all about creating the next batch of critical thinkers and a new wave of innovators in every field imaginable. Kids usually have a blast when it comes to fun activities as it requires them to be curious, communicative, and active for over an hour. Here are ten ways to indulge their creativity and help them learn STEM concepts this summer. 1. LEGO Coding You’ll need a LEGO person, printable mazes, and instruction cards (free printables here). The instructions help your kids navigate the LEGO person through different mazes, giving them a basic understanding of command codes, sequence, and looping. 2. Containing an Oil Spill Mix water and oil in a large bowl and add several bird feathers to the mix. Instruct your child to remove the oil from both the feathers and the water with the help of sponges, paper towels, or little spoons. 3. Melting Ice What melts ice faster: hot water, cold water, room temperature, sugar, steam, or salt? Get your toddler six ice cubes and empty cups to conduct this experiment. 

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