11 ways to kill your IT career (without knowing it)

Crafting a successful IT career that keeps you engaged, satisfied, and growing is a balancing act. Stay too long with one technology — or one job — and the industry may shift without you realizing it. Take on too much and your team and your own well-being will suffer. So what’s the best way to lay a foundation for a career that’s challenging and rewarding, amid the day-to-day project demands and workplace stress? Tech leaders say it’s important to regularly step back, analyze where you are and where you’re going so you can determine what you want and avoid the pitfalls of a stalled career. Read on for expert tips on recognizing the signs of a dead-end IT career path, and how to avoid the damage they cause. Having a one-track mind Alex Lam, chief strategy and business development officer of TechDemocracy, argues that hitching your career to a particular company’s product or platform could hurt your career over time as that technology runs its course.

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