3 Solar Geoengineering Ideas That Don’t Require a Technological Leap

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In a recent article published here on Thomas Insights, we explored a range of geoengineering solutions to climate change that involve high-tech approaches. These range from stratospheric aerosol injection to giant space mirrors that reduce the amount of sunlight reaching Earth. Some of these technologies are available today while some, like space mirrors, are futuristic. High-tech solutions as a rule require specialist skills and significant expense. To recap, solar geoengineering is not a silver bullet for climate change. Rather, it could provide a way to lower temperatures and mitigate the worst impacts (such as species extinction) while humanity gets on with the urgent business of atmospheric CO2 removal. Solar geoengineering doesn’t necessarily require ground-breaking technology. In fact, all that might be needed to lower the planet’s temperature is a whole lot of white paint, brighter crops, or more bubbles in the wake of cargo ships.

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