3D Printing Assists in Creating LEGO-sorting Vacuum Prototype

Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of stepping on a LEGO might find comfort in this YouTube inventor’s prototype. It’s called the LEGO Suck It and it was created by Matty Benedetto of the YouTube channel Unnecessary Inventions with the help of 3D printing. The invention is made possible with an attachment on Benedetto’s personal shop vac. The attachment sorts LEGO pieces by size into four equal sections in an 8-inch diameter tube. The inspiration for the design came from an episode of The Office where a character pitches a shop vac that teaches kids to pick up their toys and some already invented and hand-operated LEGO sorters. Benedetto designed five 3D-printed brackets in Fusion 360. The bottom of the first section is separated by the bracket with the largest holes. As the LEGO pieces descend through the sections, the holes in the brackets progressively get smaller with the idea of each section sorting LEGO pieces by size. 

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