4 Benefits of Reverse Mentoring

We hear a lot about the benefits of workplace mentorship programs. They serve to provide junior employees with the inspiration, motivation, and guidance to realize their career goals while also driving knowledge transfer, improving talent retention, and increasing workplace collaboration. But what about reverse mentoring? In a reverse mentoring relationship, a junior employee is paired up with someone from the senior leadership team to share their experiences, insights, and wisdom. Here are some of the benefits of such a program. 1. Provides leaders with real insights into workplace culture It’s not uncommon for a senior leader to be branded as “out of touch.” Perhaps they made a major business decision with seemingly no awareness of how it would impact the rest of the workforce. They might not have a good understanding of what motivates and inspires their younger employees—whether it’s social justice issues, sustainability, compensation packages, or flexible working. Or maybe they are totally unaware of the many great initiatives their junior employees are implementing. 

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