5 Factors to Consider Before You Relocate for a Job

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There’s something about the prospect of relocating for a job that feels inherently exciting, perhaps because it’s tempting to conflate it with the glamour and extravagance of an all-inclusive holiday. There’s the possibility of an overseas trip, exposure to new cultures, cuisines, and experiences—and if you’re super lucky a hefty dosage of sun, sea, and sand. Plus, your employer is likely to offer you a compensation package with some, if not all, expenses paid, which means you could return home in a more financially stable position than when you left. When was the last time that happened post-holiday? There are a lot of people who would delight in the opportunity to relocate for work, but that doesn’t mean you would be ungrateful to turn down such an offer. In reality, there are several important factors to consider before accepting a relocation package.

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