5 Steps to First-Time Right Machining

Customer demands for unique parts and products, as well as requests for greater customization, are driving industry toward more high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) manufacturing operations. Though much of the design and configuration of HMLV operations can be managed with operations software, there are significant hardware requirements associated with HMLV manufacturing as well. One area in which this is particularly true is in metal manufacturing, where adoption of first-time right (FTR) production methods are key to making HMLV manufacturing viable. Gisbert Ledvon, director of machine tool business development at Heidenhain Corp. (a supplier of encoders, machine controls, and metrology equipment), says, “The change to FTR parts production is a current trend because the market is changing frequently and, in many cases, parts are needed quickly and those ordered from overseas won’t make it in time due to shipping delays. So, the supply chain must act quickly in order to serve internal or external customers providing small volume and high mix.” 

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