5 Things to Do on Your First Day of Work

Your first day on the job could be one of the most memorable — and sometimes stressful — of your life. After all, the first day sets the tone for your time at the new company and possibly even the remainder of your career. So, here are five things you should do to set yourself up for success. 1. Write Things Down Carrying a notepad or pad of paper with you for the first few days allows you to keep track of all the new information you receive. Also at the end of the day, make a list of items you are struggling to remember. For example, what printer you should use, everyday tasks, and the names of people you interact with. 2. Connect with Your Coworkers Get to know your coworkers; they will be a big part of your daily routine. Introduce yourself, ask questions, and seek individuals you can befriend. These connections will build the groundwork for productive collaboration. It allows you to ask questions, get support when needed, and collaborate to achieve your goals. 

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