6 Tips for Dealing with a Much Younger Manager

A good relationship with your manager can lead to strong support, mentorship, guidance, and having someone in your corner to nominate you for promotions and celebrate your work. That being said, these dynamics aren’t always easy. A blend of different backgrounds, life experiences, and ages can lead to a relationship that’s not necessarily easy to navigate. Age gaps, in particular, can be a unique predicament and having a manager who is much younger than you may lead to tension and awkwardness. Due to the way many corporate structures work, it’s understandable that you may develop fears or insecurities about how your employer views you. Many companies and workers still hold the common belief that the older and more experienced you are, the higher the position you can have. This isn’t necessarily the case anymore, and it’s more common than ever for businesses to have a diverse range of ages in upper management, meaning that having a boss who is younger than you is no longer a rarity. A large age gap between a manager and an employee can make it difficult for both parties to relate to, or understand the other’s experiences, but it’s important to create a healthy work relationship so both parties can thrive. So what can you do when you work for a much younger boss and you’re feeling apprehensive? How do you relate and find common ground? Here are a few tips for dealing with a supervisor who’s much younger, including showcasing your strengths and being ready to learn, controlling your attitude, and avoiding the topic of age.

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