8 certifications to prepare for hybrid and multi-cloud

As mixed cloud environments take hold and enterprises combine hosted infrastructure with private cloud and on-premises IT, networking professionals need to stay up on the latest developments in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud technologies. A good way to do that is by earning certifications. There are plenty of certifications to choose from – which has its advantages and disadvantages. There’s no one prominent hybrid cloud or multi-cloud certification, most of them are vendor specific, and some of them overlap in terms of what they cover. That means network pros have to choose wisely when they’re considering which certifications to pursue. “Different vendors, such as cloud providers or software providers, incorporate certification of hybrid and multi-cloud skills according to how they define and sell these types of products and services,” says Craig Lowery, vice president and analyst at research firm Gartner. “Sometimes the certification is labeled as a ‘hybrid cloud certification,’ and sometimes the hybrid skills are part of a larger skill set being validated, such as ‘cloud solution architect.’”

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