Accelerate Digital Transformation With ‘No-Code’ Software Tools

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Once the pandemic’s threat became clear, many leadership teams raced to reinvent their companies through digital transformations. Many continue to focus exclusively on complex, large-scale efforts and are finding it difficult to make quick progress. Backlogs of smaller technology projects have rapidly increased as experienced software developers have prioritized digitally revamping complex core offerings. In contrast, companies supporting their business teams by deploying so-called no-code software development platforms have been installing simpler apps faster, enabling them to keep up with changes occurring at a previously unthinkable pace. Such tools give nontechnical users the ability to build applications without writing a single line of code. For example, one financial services company recently added new digital capabilities to its customer portal about twice as fast as it had anticipated because business teams actually built most of the new capabilities on their own — without significant support from IT.

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