Additive, Agility and Automation: a 2022 Triple Threat

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As we close another year of living in the shadows of the pandemic, it’s likely that businesses and consumers will be more open to adopting technologies to get things done in new ways and from anywhere. Based on my interaction with leading product designers and manufacturers that are among our (PTC’s) customers, I believe that in 2022 there are “3A’s” that will become key business drivers: Agility, Automation and Additive. Let me explain. Agility Will be the Key to Competitiveness. The pandemic showed us the importance of business agility. Companies that were able to pivot thrived. From large retailers to mom-and-pop restaurants, those that quickly adapted to offer curbside deliveries and contactless ordering are still standing. Similarly, many engineers adopted modern design platforms and evolved their product design process to be what might be called “agile everything” to adapt to the changing world. For example, Dixie Iron Works, a manufacturer of flow control equipment, provided a 3D printer to every engineer for their home so they could use collaborative design software (in this case, Onshape) to print tangible items, quickly vet ideas and ultimately get products to market faster.

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