AI + Augmented: Pushing the Limits of What Machines Can Do

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“If you had a superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?” is a common job-interview question. Ask the same question of manufacturers, and it’s likely that no matter which superpower they select, they would use it to do no harm, with enhanced safety; to do more with the same through improved productivity; or, to do the same with less via greater efficiency. The manufacturing sector has pioneered a range of innovative technology “superpowers” — exoskeleton suits, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cobots and digital twins, to name a few. Among these, the application of AI attracts perhaps the greatest attention due to its potential impact on the future of manufacturing automation. Less frequently mentioned, but equally important, is augmented intelligence. To better understand the relative attributes of both, and how they complement each other, it is useful to clarify their roles.

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