Alternative Energy Power Management

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The world continues to move forward in its search for quality energy alternatives. As these sources of energy advance, companies are looking to gain a foothold in renewable energy generation, storage, and microgrid management. They seek advancement in technology that will not only provide for their specific needs, but also maintain a balance of cost effectiveness and competitiveness in the industry. As a leader in global distribution of power products, CE+T America designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of backup power systems for commercial and industrial customers with specific design requirements. They manufacture smart power converters used in data centers, backup power applications, renewable energy integration (photovoltaic and energy storage), microgrid, and electric vehicle charging infrastructures. CE+T America also offers monitoring and control solutions for all of its power converters. Headquartered in Belgium and established in 1936, they started operations in the United States some time ago, but only recently opened the CE+T Power facility in Austin, Texas, in 2019.

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