Apple’s New iPhone Subscription Service

It’s never too early to start planning for the year’s end — and you might be able to ring in 2023 with a new iPhone or other device paid piecemeal through an upcoming hardware subscription service from Apple. It’s set to debut at the end of 2022, and, well, there isn’t too much additional information yet. Though don’t cross your fingers too tightly, as the inauguration of this service isn’t set in stone and there’s always a chance it may be canceled. Apple hasn’t made any official announcements yet. But according to Bloomberg, the subscription service will allow customers to hand over a monthly payment in exchange for Apple hardware. It may work like the current iPhone Update Program, which splits the cost of a fresh phone into monthly installments and offers the latest upgrade after 12 payments. It works directly through Apple, so consumers won’t have to commit to lengthy service contracts or finance their phone through their carrier.

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