Audi Unveils Autonomous EV That Changes Shape

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Audi must feel like it’s getting more and more difficult to capture the attention of the automotive enthusiast, or they simply wanted to provide their engineers with a new challenge. Either way, the German automaker has definitely upped its prototype game with the recently introduced SkySphere. In the past an autonomous EV with ridiculous infotainment features might be enough, but nowadays, something more is needed — like shifting the length of the car by 10” with the push of a button. Designed to offer greater comfort while catering to different driving or riding preferences, the SkySphere is, at its core, a two-seat convertible roadster. However, it can transition between level four autonomous operation wherein the steering wheel and pedals are hidden behind a dashboard. And just to refresh your memory, level 4 is considered fully autonomous, but a driver’s seat is still provided and a human can take control at any time. Currently there are no vehicles on the market demonstrating this level of autonomy and, remember, this is just a prototype.

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