Cadillac Unveils Luxurious Autonomous EV Concept

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At CES 2022, Cadillac unveiled its new InnerSpace autonomous electric vehicle concept. The two-seater concept doubles down on luxury, including pillows, throw blankets, and slippers stored inside. Once passengers no longer need to be behind the wheel, Cadillac foresees a transformation to the vehicle interior that improves the travel experience and the passengers’ entire well-being; focusing on the journey, not the driving. The concept car has a large panoramic LED display that allows passengers to select various themes, from augmented reality to entertainment and wellness recovery. Powered by Ultifi — GM’s new end-to-end software platform — Cadillac engineers and authorized third parties will be able to upload additional themes and features over the air. Much of the doors, as well as the entire roof, are made of glass. The roof even opens with the doors to make it easier to get into the vehicle, and the seats rotate toward the doors for easier exit.

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