Can the “Jeopardy!” Buzzer Be Hacked?

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In November 2020, Alex Trebek, host of popular TV game show Jeopardy!, passed away. Having hosted 37 seasons of the show, there has been much discussion surrounding his replacement and a renewed interest in the show’s most controversial component — the enigma that is the Jeopardy! buzzer. Jeopardy! sees contestants presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers. Responses to these clues must be phrased in the form of questions. The show’s focal point is the Jeopardy! buzzer, which players can only hit once a clue has been read out in its entirety and the indicator light on their game board is illuminated. Hit the buzzer too soon and the player is given a time penalty and effectively forfeits the point. Too slow and they risk handing over the opportunity to answer to a fellow competitor.

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