Classiq Collaborates With NVIDIA to Accelerate the Path to Quantum Advantage

Classiq, which provides the leading platform for creating quantum software, today announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to bring large-scale quantum circuits to customers. Now, businesses and other organizations can prepare for and explore the benefits of larger quantum circuits before the hardware is available. “Working with Classiq allows customers to expedite the creation and analysis of larger and more useful quantum circuits while helping them better prepare for the era of quantum advantage.” “Today, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for organizations to explore the benefits of large-scale quantum circuits,” said Nir Minerbi, Classiq co-founder and CEO. “This is because large quantum computers don’t yet exist, and existing intermediate-scale quantum computers are noisy and limited in their ability to execute longer circuits. This new collaboration between Classiq and NVIDIA changes the game, enabling enterprise users today to explore how quantum algorithms perform at scale and be better-prepared for the next generation of quantum hardware.” 

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