Developing a Coaching Culture: What It Takes, and Why It’s Needed

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Too often, leaders think that they are responsible for making most, if not every, decision in their organizations. Perhaps their ability to make good decisions has played a large part in advancing to a position of leadership, so they continue on that track. Perhaps they enjoy the power or control that they feel in making every decision. Or maybe they just don’t trust the people around them to make good decisions. Often, making decisions at the top seems the most expedient thing to do. Whatever the reason, “the buck stops here (and only here)” is the way that many leaders operate. When describing a leader’s role in his 1974 book Management, Peter Drucker listed five specific leadership roles, as follows: 1. Setting objectives 2. Organizing the group 3. Motivating and communicating 4. Measuring performance 5. Developing people .

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