Dynamic Perspective Objects with Sepasoft’s Batch Module

One of the most exciting things about Sepasoft’s Batch and Procedure module is that it enables tight integration between the process cell (as it is functionally defined) and the graphical interface (how it is presented to the user). By using the various tools in the Ignition toolbox (creative scripting, querying, and binding), it is possible to create dynamic views that represent the ISA-88 objects of a process cell. As the process cell definition changes (new units, new phases, etc.) these dynamic objects automatically update as needed. This allows for less development time, a consistent user experience, and a lower maintenance control system. While working with Sepasoft to Alpha and Beta test the Batch and Procedure module, ECS began development of some basic proof of concept “objects” in Ignition Perspective. These objects were designed to meet the common needs of a SCADA system of an ISA-88 batch process, but also to leverage the power and flexibility of Ignition. This means combining the obvious (such as Sepasoft’s MES Tag provider UDTs) with the less obvious (gateway scripting, dynamic perspective views, flex repeaters, and active batch info). 

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