Former NASA, SpaceX Engineers Design FLEX Rover

A California aerospace startup unveiled a new lunar rover that the company says will help support the next generation of space exploration: a sustained human presence on the Moon and Mars. Venturi Astrolab, founded by former engineers from SpaceX, NASA, and the Joint Propulsion Laboratory, officially announced the development of the Flexible Logistics and Exploration rover, or Flex. Unlike the rovers built for previous and upcoming missions to the Moon, Venturi officials plan to build a fleet of modular vehicles capable of intermodal transportation, shifting from landing vehicle to rover and back again. Officials said the Flex would be able to pick up and deposit payloads for a wide range of space-travel applications, including exploration, site preparation, construction, and resource utilization. It also meets NASA requirements as a lunar terrain vehicle and could serve as an unpressurized rover for a crew of two astronauts. 

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