Holistic Smart Building Technology to be Driven by ABB and Samsung Electronics Collaboration

ABB and Samsung Electronics will collaborate in a global partnership to drive holistic smart building technology, thus providing jointly developed technologies for energy savings, energy management, and the Holistic Smart Building Technologysmart Internet of Things (IoT) connection of both residential and commercial buildings. Buildings generate almost 40 percent of annual global CO2 emissions1, and the partnership between the two companies will create a platform to build a long-term relationship for innovation on smart technology, smart control, and smart devices. The collaboration will enable Samsung and ABB to expand customer access to home automation technologies and better device management, while facilitating electricity load shifting. Smart homes use connected devices and appliances integrated through a centralized system to save money, time, and energy. By connecting the Samsung SmartThings application and ABB home automation solutions for example, residents will be able to use their personal devices to monitor and manage a full spectrum of white goods, as well as gas and smoke sensors, energy, security, and comfort systems from a single application. Proactively managing appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, to operate off-peak, for example, assures grid optimization and lower energy costs. 

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