How Ditching a “Hustle Culture” Mindset Can Help Businesses Retain Top Talent“

The Great Reshuffle” is seeing a significant portion of millennials reassessing their careers and their futures. What can organizations do to hold on to their top talent? What Is Hustle Culture? “Hustle Culture” is a term used to describe the glorification of hard work. It perpetuates the idea that the best and most successful employees are completely devoted to their jobs — spending their days and nights in the office, eating at their desks, and prioritizing their manager’s needs above their own. There is also a highly performative element to hustle culture. Take, for example, the fact that there are now more than four million Instagram posts tagged with the hashtag “riseandgrind”. Workers are consistently being told that the harder they work, or the harder their colleagues and peers perceive them to be working, the more kudos they will receive. Could this ideology about what success in the workplace looks like be set to change?

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