How to Deal with Different Types of Negative Colleagues

The one where Lisa complains about every little thing. The one where Mike interrupts you incessantly. The one with Morgan’s trash talk. Recognize the tropes? Many of us spend the greater part of our days not with the friends we choose for ourselves, but with the colleagues forced upon us. This gives us plenty of time to ruminate on their negative and nasty habits. One survey of 2,000 Americans found the number one biggest annoyance in the workplace was exasperating coworkers: 79% of respondents said they felt irritated by between two and 10 colleagues on a regular basis. About 36% had left jobs over annoying coworkers. Negativity can be truly toxic: it breeds discontented and disrespectful employees; generates conflict between colleagues; propagates a lackluster environment inconducive to success; and drains the life, soul, and energy of those it meets. So, what can be done? While you clearly can’t control other people’s negative behaviors, it is possible to shape your own responses in a way that will help insulate yourself from the bleak outlook of those around you. Learn to recognize some of the most common types of negative colleagues, as well as strategies for dealing with them. 

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