How to Pick the Right Technology to Enable the Remote Workforce

corporate firewall. However, in the new world of cloud computing and hybrid workforces, some basic practices and assumptions need to be revisited. For example, more people now need access to sensitive business data while working from home, on public computers, and via their mobile devices. That’s where Security Service Edge (SSE) is an advantage. It combines zero-trust network access (ZTNA), data loss prevention tools, and remote browser isolation (RBI) to enable advanced threat protection and complete control over data — regardless of how users access and manage it. “Think of the analogy of securing your home,” says Thayga Vasudevan, Vice President of Product Management for Skyhigh Security. “Locking the front door doesn’t help if the windows and back doors are open. This is why a comprehensive data-aware approach is imperative in a perimeter-less environment. A holistic solution reduces complexity and benefits the customer by only requiring them to define their policy once. ” Lock the front door For example, data within software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications can’t be protected by the corporate virtual private network if users are outside the firewall, so access needs to be governed at the user account level.

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