How to Provide Constructive Criticism to Colleagues You Don’t Manage

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Providing constructive criticism can improve an employee’s attitude, motivation, and performance and mitigate performance issues before they spiral out of control. But that doesn’t make it an easy task — particularly when you’re offering feedback to a peer, rather than a direct report. You don’t want to speak out of turn, offend and demotivate your colleague, or get into an argument. Here are seven tips for getting it right. 1. Be Objective Providing constructive criticism to a colleague should never be driven by a personal vendetta. It’s not appropriate to single someone out or pass judgment simply because you don’t particularly like them or struggle to see eye-to-eye. Question your motives and think before you speak to ensure you’re being fair and objective — and try your best to leave your emotions at the door. 2. Acquire Relevant Information.

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