Husky’s Ultrashot Injection Molding System Advances Scalability as It Improves Performance, Part Quality

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Incremental improvements can only get you so far — sometimes you have to start over to rebuild better. Husky took that approach in advancing hot runner and injection molding technology, and it resulted in the Ultrashot system, which the company displayed for the first time at a trade show at Fakuma last week in Friedrichshafen, Germany. James Plumpton, Advanced Solutioning Team Leader for the Bolton, ON–based company, explained the thought process and the outcome to PlasticsToday from the Husky booth. “As you make more parts in the same press, performance declines. Everybody in the hot-runner world, including us, has spent efforts fine tuning, trying to accommodate the variability,” said Plumpton. Rather than make incremental adjustments to improve performance, Plumpton’s team chose to eliminate the variation. It achieved that goal by distributing the injection control inside the hot runner.

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