Intel Selects Diverse Ohio-Based Team to Lead Early Excavation Work for Ohio Fabs

Intel Corporation has selected a diverse Ohio-based team led by Gilbane Building Company, with partners McDaniel’s Construction Corp., Northstar Contracting Inc., and GTSA Construction Consulting, to manage the early excavation work for its two new leading-edge chip factories in Ohio. The factories, known in the industry as fabs, will help boost chip production to meet the surging demand for advanced semiconductors, powering a new generation of innovative products from Intel and serving the needs of foundry customers as part of the company’s IDM 2.0 strategy. The selection of Gilbane and partners marks the first of Intel’s hiring of construction suppliers for an anticipated 7,000 construction jobs over the course of the build. The project will also generate tens of thousands of additional indirect and support jobs, including contracted positions, electricians and engineers, and jobs in restaurants, healthcare, housing, entertainment and other businesses. For example, in Arizona, where Intel has operated high-volume manufacturing for more than four decades, Intel depends on a local network of more than 1,000 businesses to directly supply its operations. In January, several of Intel’s top suppliers announced they would make investments in Ohio to support Intel’s planned operations.

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