Introducing “Diversity of Experience” To Your Team

“Diversity of experience” is designed to recognize the unique and individual life experiences within a workforce. It addresses how the challenges and experiences a person faces might impact the opportunities they are given and the way they view and navigate the world. What does this actually mean in practice, how does addressing it benefit employers, and what are the best ways to recruit for diverse-experience hires? What Is Diversity of Experience? Today, the benefits of driving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace are widely recognized. Not only do hiring organizations that prioritize D&I find it easier to attract top talent and gain access to a bigger talent pool, but established diverse teams are known for being more innovative, decisive, motivated, and productive. Armed with this knowledge and the desire to improve the workplace environment for all employees, many organizations have invested heavily in D&I initiatives. But that doesn’t mean these schemes are always hitting the mark. Oftentimes, D&I recruitment and training programs address factors including race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, ability, and sexuality – i.e. the identities that people (for the most part) are born with. But true diversity is far more nuanced than this. 

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