Low Code Accelerates Digital Transformation at Pratt & Whitney

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When Pratt & Whitney shifted a significant percent of its workers to remote status, it immediately recognized the importance of embarking on an accelerated digital transformation to align its daily processes with the new reality. The key to digital transformation success for the manufacturer of aircraft and helicopter engines and auxiliary power? Remaining nimble, explains Jocelyn Brulé, Pratt & Whitney’s digital technology manager. “Once it starts, digital transformation happens continuously, and a company like P&W is constantly evolving. When you combine that pace with perennial budget and resource challenges, we need tools that help us deliver simple, robust, and secure solutions both quickly and cost-effectively,” says Brulé. “And we need to be able to adjust and scale those solutions over time. It’s the combination of many incremental changes that result in true transformation, and we need to remain agile so we can continuously adapt to changing requirements and expectations as we go.” As with many companies struggling to find their way in the new digital world, the development team had difficulty keeping up with the company’s required transformation pace. “Development is not something you do once and then it is finished. By the time you deliver a few projects, more projects will be needed as the digital world is in constant evolution,” says Brulé. “Budget and/or resources always seem too low to deliver all the requested projects as well as supporting the existing landscapes.”

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