New Nylon Abrasive Wheels and Brushes Available from Fine to Coarse Grit Levels

Empire Abrasives announces the launch of their innovative new product line of nylon wire abrasives. Islandia, New York — December 14, 2021 — Online retailer, Empire Abrasives, has added multiple new product lines to their catalog throughout 2021, and is closing out the year with one more product announcement. The online abrasives supplier has recently expanded their wire wheels and brushes product line to offer new and innovative nylon wire/filament variation for commercial and personal use customers. Rather than using the traditional metal filaments, these new nylon wire abrasive products have flexible nylon bristles embedded with abrasive grains like aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, depending on the chosen coarseness. These new wire brush options are similar to their brass and steel counterparts in terms of their uses such as rust removal, paint stripping, grout removal, and oxidation removal, for example. However, the nylon versions have several unique benefits, including the ability to be used wet or dry, a non-sparking material, zero after-rust/corrosion, and a cooler temperature operation.

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