New Submarine Designed for Deep-sea Entertainment

U-Boat Worx is combining nautical craft with the entertainment business. The submarine company announced its submerged creation, the UWEP, which stands for Under Water Entertainment Platform. The company offers two models, the UWEP 2700 and the larger UWEP 3500. The 3500 weighs 1,050 tons and can hold 120 guests plus a full crew and catering staff on board. Additionally, it features over 1,600-square feet of configurable space that can be tailored to an operator’s requirements. The 2700 weighs 810 tons and can carry 80 passengers plus a crew and staff. Both models can descend to a depth of 650 feet and possess an endurance of up to 18 hours. During emergencies, life support systems can last for 96 hours. 

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