Posidyne Clutch/Brakes Allow Positioning for Indexing Conveyors that Feed Palletizers

Equipment Snapshot: Posidyne clutch brakes feature oil shear technology for rapid and precise stopping, starting, speed change and positioning, all without adjustment or maintenance. Ideal for applications with frequent start/stop cycles, such as indexing conveyors that feed palletizers, rotary tables, batch feeders, rotary coal samplers, cutoff machines, and more, these unique motion control devices allow higher cycle rates (up to 300 cycles per minute), to increase production rates with lower downtime. Faster production rates and significantly longer service life than traditional (dry) clutch/brakes (often 5 to 10 times longer) yields increased uptime, productivity and ROI. Posidyne clutch/brakes are field proven in diverse applications such as packaging lines, food and chemical processing facilities, lumber mills, shingle plants, fiberglass insulation production, metalworking, and many more. 

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