Product News: OpenRemote’s open-source IoT platform

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OpenRemote announced the launch of its renewed IoT platform. 100% open-source, the new IoT platform promises flexibility for users to create customized IoT applications and broadened accessibility beyond developers and programmers to appeal to an audience of non-IT professionals. The new platform includes a dashboard, an iOS and Android console, and web-component library that allows front-end developers to build their own apps for desktop or mobile, OpenRemote claims. With the dashboard, the ‘non-coders’, such as the project or business manager, can set up rules to monitor the system. The rules engine includes three editors: When-Then rules to trigger actions or alerts, flow editor for data processing, and Groovy for advanced user programming. An insights dashboard can be configured the visualize any data in the system and is used to report KPIs or flag up any system anomalies.

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