Available Solutions

The LIMS box and Solution Builder are low-cost digital technologies that bring value and keep you competitive. These technologies are used in tandem, implemented in a short amount of time, and can be configured to meet your needs.

The LIMS Box

AMI, partnered with LECS Energy, is pleased to offer the Learning Integrated Manufacturing System (LIMS) – that provides you with the latest Industry 4.0 IoT Edge Platform for developing applications to bring your manufacturing system into your enterprise. The LIMS system includes a complete rules engine, over 50 I/O Interfaces, analytics along with statistics engines, and over a decade of example turn-key applications to get you started.


  • Turn-Key Edge Platform for Developing Industry 4.0 Solutions with Integrated Industrial  I/O
  • IOT Edge Device – Complete Industry 4.0 – Solution
    • One-Click Cloud Integration (Azure, Amazon, DreamFactory, Everywhere…)
    • On Click Database Integration (MS SQL, Oracle, SQLite …)
    • Integrated Security and Roles
  • I/O Integration
    • Integrated Modbus TCP/Serial I/O Module for complete Out of Box Solution
    • I/O is Discovered and Published
    • Over 50 Protocols Support (MTConnect®, Modbus, BacNET, Serial, Profibus, CATNet…)
  • Application Development
    • Solution Development with GUI Tool Solution Builder®
      • Data Collection, Connections, Applications
    • Enables Users to Develop Solutions Stand Alone or Integrated with the Plant’s Network
    • Complete Rules Engine with simple Drag/Drop GUI Builder
    • LIMS to LIMS and LIMS to Cloud Application Development
  • Analytics
    • OEE – Automated MTConnect® OEE – Utilization Analytics
    • Complete Statistics Engine for Edge based Analytics
    • Learning System for Equipment Diagnostic and Optimization
    • Direct Interface to Machine Learning (Azure, Amazon)
  • Enable Legacy Machine Tools to use the MTConnect® Standard, Add New Sensors, Integrate MTConnect® enabled Machines and devices to provide a collective dashboard of your plant floor.

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Solution Builder

IoT is about connecting today’s latest internet technologies to the great machines of yesterday and today! IoT Solutions are not easy to create.  Developing IoT applications involve balancing complex APIs, legacy protocols, and connectivity issues within a scalable architecture.  Meet The Solution Family, The Solution Family was created with the concept that tools are the best way to allow customers to benefit from our decade of experience.  We have delivered over 250 different types of applications to fields as diverse as chocolate factories, automated machine shops, and explosive manufacturing.  Using the technologies and complete IoT platform for your particular type of application, The Solution Family has a solution for you.

Our goal is to give our customers the tools needed throughout their solution life-cycle!


See at Demo of LIMS and Solution Builder