Rolling on the World’s First Urban Bike Made from Recycled Plastic

The environmental issues associated with single-use plastics are well documented. The materials’ strength and durability have created a double-edged sword that pits its lightweight, flexible and easy-to-sterilize nature against the simple fact that it doesn’t break down when it enters the waste stream. These plastics are seeping from landfills and into waterways where they impact marine life and make their way into the food chains of people and animals. In response, igus, a Cologne, Germany-based manufacturer of plastics and polymers used in numerous motion control and industrial applications, recently unveiled a potential solution in balancing the environmental complications with the material’s benefits. Unveiled last month, the company has produced what they claim to be the world’s first urban bike made from recycled plastic. In addition to taking single-use plastics out of the waste stream, the all-plastic composition means it’s lighter and won’t rust with time or exposure to the elements. In addition to looking for possible ways to recycle single-use plastic, inspiration for the bike came during igus CEO Frank Blase’s vacation. While enjoying the beach, he had conversations with workers of a bicycle rental company who constantly had to deal with sand and saltwater wreaking havoc on the frames and chains of their bikes. 

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