Swiss-Style Machines Simplified

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For shops that produce smaller components—say anything under 1.5″ (38.1 mm) or so in diameter—there’s no shortage of reasons to invest in Swiss-style CNC lathes. Reasons include: Dual spindles and independent tool slides make it possible to perform several machining operations simultaneously. Compact work zones mean cutting tools don’t have to travel far to the workpiece, while fast rapid traverse rates get them there faster. High spindle speeds eliminate the cutting speed restrictions of larger lathes, improving tool life and part quality. Dozens of cutting tools and extensive milling capabilities reduce the need for secondary operations and make lights-out machining easier. Add to this list advanced capabilities like laser machining, thread whirling, oscillation cutting, and the option to switch between fixed and sliding headstocks, and it’s clear that these efficient, capable machine tools can complete most parts in less time than all but the less-flexible, far more expensive alternatives—rotary transfer equipment and multi-spindle screw machines.

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