Technology Innovator Reimagines Manufacturing by Prioritizing Sustainability in Aerospace Designs

In 2019, we introduced Thomas readers to Arris Composites — a global manufacturing leader that is reinventing the manufacturing process by creating lighter, stronger, and more sustainable products. Since then, the company has continued to tally up its index of accolades, and even made it on Fast Company’s list of the Top 10 Most Innovative Manufacturing Companies in 2021. According to founder Ethan Escowitz, Arris Composites started in a Berkley, California, garage with a goal to revolutionize carbon fiber for industrial use in automotive, aerospace, and consumer products industries. The company aims to “advance humanity by creating the highest performance products for everyone.” In 2020, the company introduced its Additive Molding™ technology, which combines 3D printing and molding techniques to cut the cost of carbon fiber products and make parts that are lighter than metal and just as strong.

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