This Electric RV Turns Humidity into Tasty Drinking Water

To truly hop off the grid and spend some quality time with nature away from all the headaches of modern life, it turns out you need some pretty innovative tech. Living Vehicle, an electric recreational vehicle company founded in 2017, just announced its 2023 model. Besides packing enough solar technology to operate independently of the power grid, the Living Vehicle also includes a filtration system that turns humidity into drinking water. The company partnered with Watergen to design an on-board multi-step cleaning and filtration process that takes in air and filters out dirt, dust, and other pollutants before a heating and cooling process brings the air to its dew point so condensation occurs. That water then runs through a filtration and mineralization process and is sterilized with UV light before being stored. The company said the process can generate up to five gallons per day of “the most luxurious water you have ever tasted.” In addition to its solar power and water filtration tech, the Living Vehicle also includes luxury furnishings, gourmet appliances, lots of storage space, and spa-like bathing, according to the company. That’s not to mention a full Creative Studio running completely on Apple products. The Living Vehicle comes in three different models: Core, Max, and Pro. It starts at about $340,000 and requires about 10 to 12 months of lead time for custom manufacturing. But that’s the price you pay for getting completely off the grid and roughing it in a trailer that’s nicer than my house. 

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