Threading Tech Provides Answers to the Right Questions

It might be difficult to come up with definitive answers for all of the questions surrounding threading, but the effort to learn about advances in technology is well worth the effort when the results are measured. What are the best roles for solid carbide and indexable threading tools? What are the best solutions for difficult-to-machine materials? New coatings? Geometries? Leading suppliers have loaded their portfolios with the advanced tools to do the job. Here are a few of those tooling solutions and the rationale behind their development. Market Forces, Innovation at Work Technological advances and market forces have resulted in new developments in both indexable and solid carbide thread tooling, according to Jeff Dei, president of Carmex Precision Tools LLC, Richfield, Wis. “Nanotechnology coatings provide more accurate threads and longer tool life. Also, the advent of complex dies has led to the development of newer shapes, providing better cutting geometries,” he said. 

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