Top 20 Systems Suppliers 2021

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When we last brought you our “Top 20 System Suppliers” list, the Covid-19 pandemic had taken hold, and since our research was based on 2019 numbers (calendar or latest fiscal), it meant that the Top 20 suppliers were just past the crest of a banner year. Then the full pandemic year played out, with all the pain and disruption of it, along with a spike in e-commerce demand, especially in industries like grocery, retail and consumer products. Some industries were up, and some were down, in what overall was a trying year both for companies with warehouse fulfillment operations and system suppliers. Yet, under these unusual conditions, what did the total sales of the Top 20 companies do? It grew—and at a double-digit percentage clip. In total, the revenues of the companies on this year’s Top 20 System Suppliers list reached $25.9 billion, up from $23.2 billion for the companies on last year’s list, which represents a 11.7% increase.

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