What Are the Different Features of a Spacesuit?

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Spacesuits are, essentially, personalized spaceships that keep astronauts protected from the harsh environment of space. These important pieces of gear provide the basic resources we need from Earth’s atmosphere: water to drink, oxygen to breathe, temperature regulation to keep from getting too hot or too cold, and protection from space dust. Spacesuits are much more complex than they may initially appear. A high degree of engineering and craftsmanship goes into each part of a spacesuit to ensure the wearer is kept safe on a space mission. New developments to these pieces of equipment have made the spacesuit easier and more pleasant to wear. The History of the Spacesuit The first spacesuits were little more than pressurized, high-altitude flight suits that offered limited mobility. These suits were not equipped to allow astronauts to leave the spacecraft. The first spacewalks took place during the Gemini missions in 1965; astronauts wore a seven-layer suit for extra protection. While technically safe, these early suits were difficult to use: the face mask would fog up and obscure the astronaut’s view, and the cooling system couldn’t remove excess heat quickly enough.

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